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Saint Martin or Sint Maarten, is the smallest landmass shared by two nations, Netherlands in the south, and France in the north. Natural landscapes include lagoons, salt pans and beaches.

Much of the island's tourist infrastructure had to be rebuilt after the devastating hurricane Luis in 1995.


The partition treaty signed in 1648 recognized both the dual nationality and the unity of the island.


A border monument was erected on the highway in 1948 to recognize 300 years of peaceful co-existence. 

Sheltered marinas house everything from small fishing vessels to megayachts.

Fort Louis looms over Marigot, the capital of the French side.

It is said that the laws are more strictly enforced on the French side.

Orient Beach on the French side is clothing optional.


Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side, has served as a centre of international trade since 1763.

The historic courthouse new serves as the city hall.


Throughout the island there are many statues, especially on roadway roundabouts, commemorating local dignitaries as well as common workers.

Great Bay Beach and its boardwalk parallels the streets of  Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side.

Philipsburg has colorful colonial buildings lining cobblestone pedestrian walkways along the main shopping streets of Front Street and Back Street.