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St. Lucia is known for its beaches and reef-diving sites and for its rainforest interior. It is home to quiet volcanic beaches and fishing villages as well as luxury resorts. The capital, Castries, is a regular cruise ship stop.

We enjoyed a local tour that featured the highlights of this gem of a Caribbean island, best known for the twin peaks of the Pitons rising above the town of Soufriere.


Castries, founded by the French in 1650, is the capital city and the hub for tourism and commerce.


St. Lucia is dotted with fishing villages such as Canaries on the west coast and Dennery on the east coast.


Roads and hiking trails wind through the hills affording spectacular views in all directions.

Numerous boat tours are available to explore the coves and cliffs such as this "Pirates of the Carribean" arch.


19,000 acres of protected rainforest are broken up by banana, coconut, mango and papaya plantations.

Between Gros and Petit Piton lies  a marine preserve with the best snorkeling on the island.


Many smaller communities have recently seen rapid construction of hotels and restaurants along the waterfront, frustrating locals by blocking access to public beaches.

Advertised as the world's only drive-in volcano, Soufriere crater in Sulphur Springs Park is an active thermal zone.


The fruit plantations and fishing grounds provide for St. Lucian food specialties like fried conch, plantain fritters, banana bread, coconut balls, passion fruit and soursop.


The white beach sand at Jalousie Bay has been imported by the Hilton Sugar Beach Resort as the original black lava sand was too hot to walk on.


After soaking in natural hot mud-baths, travellers wash off under Diamond Falls, one of eight waterfalls in St. Lucia.