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Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and the site of the capital, Georgetown. The other islands, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac lie more than 120 kilometers away.

With approximately 600 banks and trust companies, finance, insurance and investments drive the economy of Grand Cayman. The tallest buildings are Canadian Banks.

The island is approximately 35 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide, with the highest elevation being 18 meters above sea level. (Although locals claim that the garbage pile in the dump is higher.)

The compact cruise port provides a range of tourist services, including tours and water sports.

Seven Mile Beach is public property along which most of the islands hotels and condos are situated.

The unique coastline is comprised of sandy beaches, limestone out-croppings and small offshore reefs.

The charming national museum is the oldest public building is the Cayman Islands. It displays an overview of Caymanian history and culture.

Around Fort Street in downtown Georgetown there are the historic clock tower and post office, Heroes' Square, the Peace Memorial and this Liberty and Freedom Statue.

Local demand for the delicious wahoo fish is met by artisanal commercial fishermen, and by recreational sports fishermen who sell their catch.


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville restaurant chain has dozens of locations in the Americas. Named for Buffett's 1977 song, it reflects a laid-back atmosphere in a tropical climate.

The Cayman turtle farm is a controversial tourist attraction which breeds sea turtles for research, for release into the wild, but also for human consumption.

Glass-bottomed boats provide a view of divers who attract the reef fish by feeding them.

A local gentleman earns tips by allowing photos with his pet iguana.

Originally settled by Jamaicans, Grand Cayman is now home to people of diverse nationalities.

The Tortuga Rum Factory provides free samples of variously flavoured rums and rum cakes.

Hell is a region of black limestone formations in West Bay. Visitors can send postcards and have passports stamped from Hell.