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Grand Bahama Island is the fourth largest island and second most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas. Located less than 70 miles from the coast of Florida, the island is 539 square miles in size and features long stretches of secluded beachfront, wildlife habitats, tropical gardens and charming communities.


We stayed at a resort at Silver Point Beach six miles from the capital of Freeport/Lucaya. The view from our balcony encompassed the canal system that provided ocean access to the homes of Ocean Reef.

The main tourist area is Freeport/Lucaya. To the east and west lie many communities with numerous beaches and reefs suitable for fishing, snorkelling or diving.


The beach area in front of our resort was typical of the island, with long expanses of white sand and turquoise water practically to oneself.

Freeport is the commercial centre of Grand Bahama. It has the commercial ship harbor, airport, and medical and financial services. (Jon Worth, Wikimedia Commons)

The Grand Lucayan Resort is the largest tourist development on the island. (photo courtesy of Grand Lucayan)

Lucaya has large hotels, some restaurants, a marina and a casino.


The Port Lucaya Marketplace features retail shops, restaurants, bars, straw vendors and hair braiders.


Traditional Junkanoo performers can be seen in the entertainment complex, Basie Square.

An important source of income for Bahamians is arts and crafts for the tourist market, the most prevalent being straw weaving and wood carving.

International Marketplace was once a thriving tourist attraction but which has not quite revived since being damaged by hurricanes.


Conch meat is widely consumed in salads and fritters. On the western shore, we encountered several large piles of conch shells.

Near the cruise port in the north, there is a fish sanctuary which attracts sharks.

The Bahamian clapboard architectural style has been widely adopted throughout the tropics.


West End is the oldest town, westernmost settlement, and capital of Grand Bahama island. It first achieved notoriety as a Rum-running port during Prohibition.

We appreciated the delightful Bahamian people who are courteous, compassionate and gentle.