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A rental car is ideal for seeing the more remote areas of the island, including new tourist developments at Bell Channel Bay. A network of excellent roads takes you to both the West and East ends of the island, to a national park, a botanical garden and small beach neighborhoods. (qwesy qwesy, panoramio)


Lucayan National Park is a forty acre preserve which includes trails through various vegetation zones as well as access to the spectacular Gold Rock Beach.

As the tide recedes, Gold Rock Beach gradually reveals a long expanse of white sand, shallow pools, and a variety of sea life.

Part of the protected park supports Grand Bahama's mangrove ecosystem and features a spectacular variety of tropical vegetation

The National Park exhibits every vegetation zone found in the Bahamas and contains the longest known underwater cave system in the world.

Curious raccoons greet visitors as they cross the boardwalks through the mangrove.

Throughout the island, evidence can be seen of damage to vegetation from Hurricanes Wilma (2005) and Sandy (2012).

Exotic foliage can be seen in gardens throughout the island.

Grand Bahama is home to bird species such as thrushes, doves and tanagers.

Taino Beach hosts a weekly fish fry featuring a traditional cookout with Bahamian music, rum punch, and dishes such as fried snapper, lobster, potato bread and conch salad.

Charming cook shacks and bars are found along the many local beaches.

Garden of the Groves is a preserve featuring winding trails past pools and waterfalls, a labyrinth, a chapel and an assortment of flowers, fish, turtles and birds.

At the rugged east end of Grand Bahama are the remnants of an American military establishment.